Download HD Profile Pictures and Stories

Search and View Instagram Profile Picture in Full HD Quality


Instagram is a famous social media platform which is widely used across the globe to share thoughts, memories and moments by the social media enthusiasts. People use Instagram to interact with each other’s. It was developed in October 2010 and was first launched for Apple’s iOS only. Soon after its release, Facebook realized its potential and acquired it for $1 billion. It was primarily focused on uploading photographs captured with mobile devices specifically.
In short, Insta Zoom is a beneficial tool which allows users to view and download original HD quality picture from Instagram which the standard version of Instagram app restricts.

Uses of Insta Zoom

As described above, InstaZoom can be used in various ways like viewing and downloading HD quality pictures from Instagram, viewing Instagram stories etc. Here are some applications of the InstaZoom which will excite you.

View and Download DPs

Instagram limits viewing the DPs in full HD mode. You can’t even zoom the DPs in. But Insta Zoom allows you not only view the DPs in HD mode but also download them in original quality in which it was uploaded.

Identifying People in Small Pictures

Insta Zoom allows to zoom-in the DPs so you might be able to recognize people as standard Instagram app offers a thumbnail of profile picture only. This profile picture thumbnail can’t be used to identify people in certain conditions.

Save That Picture for Yourself

Do you like that awesome picture of any person or entity on Instagram and want to use it as your own DP? Insta Zoom has the facility to download that picture in HD quality so that you can use as your own WhatsApp, LinkedIn or any other social media profile picture.

Protection Against Spam

Sometimes people we don’t know write to us on Instagram. It can feel weird or even unpleasant. But guess what? There’s a cool tool called Instazoom that helps you check out these mystery messages.

Here’s how it works:

When someone you don’t recognize sends you a message, use Instazoom. Copy their Instagram Username and paste in the text box above. InstaZoom will magnify the profile picture for you from where you’ll be able to learn who the person is.
In this way, Instazoom is like your secret detective helper.

How Does Instazoom Work?

Instagram Story Viewer works in a simple and user-friendly way. You only need the link to profile picture or just public profile URL of the person you’re looking to enlarge.
Paste that link into the text box above. Instazoom connects to Instagram’s secret computer library (database). It then grabs the person’s latest profile picture.
It uses a special algorithm to make the picture super clear, like HD TV. Instazoom lives right inside your web browser (like Chrome or Firefox). No extra apps or fancy software needed to enlarge the profile pictures. Just visit our website and type in your Instagram name or paste URL.
Click “Zoom,” and see the magic. When the zoomed picture pops out, you can now download, share or view the picture in full HD quality.

Story Viewer

Instazoom can be used as Instagram Story Viewer anonymously. It works with public accounts only as Instagram doesn’t allow viewing stories from Private accounts. You need no sign up or sign in for this function to work properly.

Highlights Viewer

Insta Zoom also helps viewing Instagram Highlights anonymously. It also works for public accounts only. You just need to put Instagram username and can view the Instagram Highlights content anonymously. The said content can also be downloaded in HD quality.

Legal Status of Insta Zoom

The developers of our Insta Zoom tool pay great attention and significance to privacy of your personal data. So, there is no personal information i.e. email or phone number required to use our tool. No other logs are stored in or outside the browser. You use the tool without any risk of data breach. Instazoom is completely legal and safe to use.


Insta Zoom or Insta Story Viewer is a great tool to help you view and download Instagram Stories, highlights and Profile Pictures in original HD quality which is actually prohibited by the standard Instagram version. Sometimes, you need to view the small thumbnail picture of the person who came in your dm to know who he is. Instagram officially doesn’t provide the said facility. InstaZoom is the tool developed to cope with the said problem. You can zoom-in the picture to identify the person instantly. In short, this tool deservers a try.

FAQs about Insta Zoom

Is registration required to use the Insta Zoom?
No. There is no need to sign-up for an account to use the InstaZoom. It is completely free of cost forever.
Is it safe to use Insta Zoom?
Yes. It is completely safe to use Insta Zoom as you don’t need any type of registration or sign-up to use the tool. No risk of data leakage.
Can I see the stories of Instagram Accounts which I don’t follow?
Definitely! You can view the stories of any public account which you want. You just need their URL.
Are there any fees associated with the usage of Insta Zoom at your website?
Nope! There is no fee charges for using Insta Zoom on our website. It is totally free and forever.
Is it possible to view stories from Private Instagram Accounts?
No. Instagram doesn’t allow viewing or download stories from private accounts.
How many times can I download a profile picture or story?
There is no limit of downloading any profile picture of story in terms of number. You can download as many times as you want.